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Hi, I'm Jenny and I officially started my photo business in 2005. I began taking pictures in 1986. My high school math teacher mixed the chemicals and provided direction, minimal, but I fell in love immediately. Professionally, I have worked since 1994 taking portraits of children, families and events. I feel a special rapport with kids, and have four of my own (and a big Mastiff who thinks she is a child).


Documentary images of people were always my favorite subjects. My interest in people led to a BA in Psychology from USC, and continues with the visual documentation of the human spirit. Photo courses at RISD and institutes in Mexico and Spain have kept my creative energy alive, and more recently teaching photo to teens has rejuvinated my creativity (and vitality for that matter). I have to keep up with the amazing junior photographers I teach! Check out their work at


In 2006, I started Photo Charm. Photo Charm photographs preschools, elementary schools & other youth activity groups throughout the Boston area. Most of my clients are in Jamaica Plain area and I have been photographing many students since they were in diapers.


Then in 2011 I created Big Picture Art House to fill the gap in after school programming for middle school children. Big Picture runs photo and movie making classes for 11-15 years olds. We just added adult workshops in 2014. Sumemr camp became the most popular workshops. More to come with Big Picture as I plan to add diverse lessons, movie showings and more.


Contact me. I can’t wait to get started on your project!